OpenStack Sydney Australia Meetup March 26

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Last Monday saw the latest meetup of the Australian OpenStack User Group in Sydney. Following on from our inaugural social meetups in December and January that were all about discovery of OpenStack, we moved to a more technical focus with presentations and real world demos. We had 4 presenters for the evening: John Dickinson – OpenStack… Read more »

Recap: OpenStack Atlanta Meetup Mar 01

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Armed to the teeth with coffee, Danishes and laptops, a band of merry men, led by Sir Duncan McGreggor*, set out yesterday morning to rob the royal Essex release of any and all bugs.  The gathering of this crack dev team marked the inaugural Meetup of OpenStack Atlanta, a new local chapter in the rapidly… Read more »

Essex OpenStack Global Hack-In

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Essex is a release focused on improving the integrity of OpenStack, so our first Global Hack-In is right at the start of the release candidate cycle, the start of March, 2012. The event brings together physically developers that spend their days or their nights making OpenStack. The event is focused on testing and getting… Read more »

Recap: “Ceph Lords” OpenStack SF Meetup Feb 02

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On February 2nd, a league of extraordinary gentlemen gathered inside a crowded chamber for the “Ceph Lords” OpenStack SF Meetup.  About 75 Stackers were in attendance making this event a smashing success! If you missed this Meetup, then you should watch the recorded presentations in order to experience the lively discourse.  Also, check out the… Read more »

OpenStack Party @ CloudConnect 2012

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For those attending CloudConnect 2012 in Santa Clara –   Join stackers from all over the world at the OpenStack CloudConnect 2012 party at Fahrenheit Lounge, hosted by Mirantis, Rackspace and Cloudscaling. Open bar, Hors D’oeuvres and music all night long. This is the place to be at CloudConnect on a Wednesday night. We’ll have… Read more »

OpenStack Talk hosted by the Computer Society of India Pune Chapter

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This is a guest post from Devdatta Kulkarni. Thanks Dev for sharing! The Computer Society of India (CSI) Pune chapter organized an OpenStack talk with me, Racker Devdatta Kulkarni, on Saturday January 21, 2012 from 5.00 pm – 6.30 pm. Approximately 35 people attended. The audience primarily consisted of people with a technical background. Technology… Read more »

OpenStack Melbourne Australia Meetup Jan 17

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On Tuesday January 17 at the Exchange Hotel in Melbourne the inaugural Australian OpenStack Users Group meetup Part 2 took place. This followed up on the Sydney event last month and took the same format, being a casual informal get together for some drinks and conversation focused on OpenStack. We kicked off around 6pm and… Read more »

OpenStack 2012 Events

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We are working on the 2012 event calendar, and are actively seeking feedback and sponsorship support for OpenStack to be well-represented at industry events.  There is a public etherpad where you can suggest an event to attend (or pass up!), and we would love to get  your input.  Right now, we are hoping to have OpenStack… Read more »