Announcing the O’Reilly OpenStack Operations Guide

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Er, what’s this? An O’Reilly OpenStack Operations Guide offered side-by-side with the continuously-published OpenStack Operations Guide? Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, O’Reilly has completed the production of the OpenStack Operations Guide: Set Up and Manage Your OpenStack Cloud. You can get your bits-n-bytes copy at or order a dead-tree version on the… Read more »

New Foundation Gold Members & Sponsors

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The OpenStack Foundation is thrilled to have new additions to our ecosystem. Three new Gold Members and 18 Corporate Sponsors have recently joined the incredible list of companies who are supporting the Foundation and driving innovation on the platform.  Aptira, Huawei and Hitachi won the OpenStack Board’s approval at the November board meeting and joined the Foundation as… Read more »

OpenStack Commitment to Interoperability

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OpenStack began with the mission to produce a ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform. A key component of that mission is building not only software, but a large OpenStack ecosystem that would support its growth and add value to the core technology platform. In carrying out that mission, the Foundation has been taking key steps… Read more »

OpenStack 2014: Powered by Users

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If momentum is any indication, 2014 is poised to be a defining year for OpenStack. All of our vital statistics, from community growth to code commits and tracked deployments, doubled in 2013, and all signs point to continued growth. Still, we continue to hear the questions: Who’s really driving OpenStack? Are there too many cooks… Read more »