What Operators Can Expect to Discuss with the OpenStack Nova Team at the PTG

If you’re an OpenStack operator, you should check out my previous blog post about why you should attend the upcoming Project Teams Gathering (PTG). In an effort to help OpenStack operators get the most out of a PTG, we surveyed some project team leads (PTLs)  about the operator engagement they would most like to see. First up, we have Nova!

Special thanks to the Nova team for taking time to put together these responses.

After talking things over with his team, Sylvain Bauza, the Nova PTL, sent us some summaries of feedback they collected in this etherpad:  https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/nova-ptg-columbus-ops-presence.

What do you want to hear from operators about at the PTG?

In general, we expect some feedback from the operators about their usecases and how they use some Nova features when we discuss about some new design enhancements in the PTG room.But this time, as we had a meet-and-greet session in Berlin where operators also provided their pain points, it would be nice if we could also discuss about those issues and what we could do for fixing them.

What topics are already on your agenda?

In general, we only have an agenda in the last week(s?) before the PTG but we already have some points we know we would like to discuss : 

  • Ironic has an issue with rebalancing nodes so I’d love to discuss with both the Ironic contributors but also the operators to understand their problems and how we could fix this. 
  • Given of the new RBAC policies, we would need to continue discussing how to modify our APIs for them. Having for example public cloud operators around would be loved as they could explain us which kind of values they would like to see as default. 
  • Because of the new tick-tock release model, we need to think about both the Antelope release and the BB and CC releases to see how we organize upgrades. 
  • We also want to discuss about sustainability in Nova and how to support Scaphandre. I guess operators would like to hear about what we could work on Antelope and what they would prefer to see first. 

What are your goals for the October 2022 PTG?

Basically, planning the Antelope release from a design perspective and discussing about next cycles (at least for BB and CC releases), like we do at every PTG, but if were having operators, we could also make sure we would have a specific Nova operators-welcome day (eg. on Tuesday) where the team would discuss about features and pain points while refraining ourselves to go into technical deepdive discussions with whiteboards etc.

This is just ONE team, there are already about a dozen teams signed up to participate, and there’s still more time for teams to signup so we expect there will be many conversations that would be important for operators to paricipate in! 

We look forward to seeing EVERYONE at the PTG in October! Registration is currently open and free to everyone who would like to attend. If you haven’t signed your team up yet, do it by August 26!

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