Reviewing how Blueprints are handled

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OpenStack Compute Tech Lead Russell Bryant has triggered an important discussion on the OpenStack Development mailing list about the process to review blueprints. The Blueprints wiki page currently assigns to Project Tech Leads the task of assigning priority to the blueprints and Russell is suggesting that a wider group of people in the community shares… Read more »

Who’s growing the OpenStack Pie?

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The OpenStack community is nearing 10,000 members in nearly 100 countries, with foundation support by more than 200 companies. Wondering who all those people are and what they’re doing? We did too. That’s why today we are announcing the release of our latest open source tool, Statistics are critical to turning data into information,… Read more »

Introducing the OpenStack Activity Board

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I am pleased to announce that a beta release of the OpenStack Activity Board (beta) is now live. The development Activity Board announced few months ago provides a visual overview of all the OpenStack public activity of community members across multiple dimensions: contributors and organizations, projects and tools. From a single interface, you can easily… Read more »

OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (July 27-Aug 3)

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Highlights of the week OpenStack Foundation Board – 2012 Election Candidates See the current list of nominees for the OpenStack Foundation 2012 Board Member Elections who have received at least one nomination. A candidate must receive at least 10 nominations to appear on the ballot. Any active member of the OpenStack Foundation can support a… Read more »

Community Weekly Review (Apr 6 – 13)

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OpenStack Community Newsletter – April 13, 2012 HIGHLIGHTS OpenStack Foundation announces its founders Wired/Cloudline: InfoWorld: Gigaom: Marketwatch (includes quotes from committed organizations): IMPORTANT LINKS FOR THE SUMMIT AND CONFERENCE OpenStack Spring 2012 Schedule for Design Summit OpenStack Spring 2012 Schedule for Conference Parties and other social events are on the official schedules… Read more »

Documentation Wrangling and Statistics Sharing

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I’ve been tracking web analytics on the documentation site since we put it up in February, and I thought I’d share some of the more interesting nuggets of data I’ve mined. I believe the documentation statistics offer a crystal ball, a window showing the future of what’s up-and-coming for OpenStack. Let’s gaze together. The… Read more »

Q2 2011 Community Health Statistics

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Welcome to the end of Q2 2011 and the start of Q3 2011 (at least by my calendar). I like to share the quarter by quarter growth of a variety of community health-points with the broader community so everyone can see where the community is heading. If you have other ideas for metrics to monitor… Read more »

OpenStack Social Media Survey Results

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Over the past week, the OpenStack Community Management team has conducted an online Social Media Engagement survey to better understand the needs and wants of various community member types in relation to the information available. The survey results are available, SurveySummary_06082011 with no details on the participants who answered questions. Based on these results, we… Read more »