Contribute to OpenStack Activity Board

We’ve released the complete documentation for OpenStack Insights, with binaries and source code downloadable from Sourceforge while the OpenStack Dash tools are the vanilla MetricsGrimoire set hosted on github. The code is free as in freedom so you’re welcome to play with it. We’re working to put both pieces of code in the hands of the OpenStack Infrastructure team soon.

Following up on the long session hosted during the  Summit in Portland and 1-on-1 discussions, I’ve created a new topic on the Development mailing list.  You can join the conversations about OpenStack metrics and the Activity Board  avoiding the high volume traffic on the Development list by subscribing only to the Metrics topic. You’ll receive only messages that have the words [metrics] or [activity] in the subject and nothing else.  Go to to subscribe and pick “Metrics” among the topic categories you would like to subscribe to.

If you want to know how the OpenStack Activity Board can help you understand your team’s activities in the project, build reports, integrate data from different sources, join the webinar we’re hosting on May 9th. We’ll keep ironing out the known issues while we think about the future of the platform.

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