What’s next for application developer guides?

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Summary This month, the developer.openstack.org site gets a new look and changes its source tooling. Read on for details about how these changes affect your project team. Why are we changing the developer.openstack.org site? You might know that the developer.openstack.org site documents over 900GET/PUT/POST/DELETE/PATCH calls for a dozen OpenStack services already on the developer.openstack.org site. As a couple of… Read more »

OpenStack Documentation Wrap Up for 2013

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It’s that time of the new year to reflect and look for ways to keep improving the OpenStack docs. Here’s a list of major events from 2013 in OpenStack doc-land. Let’s look at the year in review. Operator Guide book sprint was in February 2013 and I still remember it fondly. The before post and… Read more »

How to Use Ask OpenStack

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We’re continuously building together “The best place on the Internet to find answers to common OpenStack problems”: our Question&Answers site Ask OpenStack is such place and needs everybody’s help. Ask OpenStack is a collaborative effort, think of it like a wiki where pages are made only of questions and answers. Anybody with more than 100… Read more »

To the first OpenStack Documentation BootCamp

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The OpenStack Docs Bootcamp offers a deep dive into the technical tools, workflows, and processes we use to create docs.openstack.org and api.openstack.org. Our goal is to give enough information that will create sustaining new core members of OpenStack Documentation. Inspired by the first successful Infrastructure BootCamp, the OpenStack Documentation BootCamp is an in-person, intensive sprint… Read more »

OpenStack Security Guide now available!

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The legendary book sprint method has come through again! This past week in a bunker, I mean, secure location near Annapolis, a team of security experts got together to write the OpenStack Security Guide. I’m pleased as can be to have the privilege of sharing the epub with you here and now, the evening of… Read more »

Lessons, Learning, and Long Views for Internship Programs

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In January 2013 the OpenStack project welcomed aboard three interns and excitedly assigned them to work on fairly complex projects in our first attempt at an organized project-level internship program. The OpenStack Foundation participated as one of the organizations with the GNOME Outreach Program for Women and learned quite a few lessons during the six… Read more »

We Did It: Zero to Book in Five Days

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Call me crazy, call me maybe, but we did it! We have a 50,000 word book, 230 pages long, now available for download in your favorite ebook format, or purchase a printed copy if you like the no-batteries-required version. Go to http://docs.openstack.org/ops/ to get a copy and watch a video we made on day four…. Read more »