OpenStack Operations Guide now an O’Reilly Early Edition

You remember the crazy feat we’ve pulled off twice now, writing a book in five days? Well, the Operations Guide is now available from O’Reilly as an Early Release. Get a free downloadable copy at


What does this mean, you ask? You can download a copy now that shows you the state it’s in today, and then stay tuned for the next few months while the authors and editors update it, making it more polished, more clear, and more accurate for the Havana release. Plus, glory be, it’ll have an index. We should be able to release a few fully edited chapters at a time as we work, and our goal is to continually publish our HTML and PDF version by sharing the content across Gerrit and Github.

O’Reilly’s collaborative authoring system is called Atlas, and it is backed by Github. Our authoring system is backed by Gerrit with our review process in place managed by the docs core team. We’re working through the workflow that will enable synchronization between Git and Gerrit so that you too can be a part of this book. Get your writing hats on and typing fingers nimble.

On Twitter last night in Hong Kong, I tweeted out the link to the book and asked the question, what is the animal on the cover? My next tweet then hinted that it’s a distant relative of the animal on the cover of Deploying OpenStack. Do you know what it is?

It’s an agouti! They can jump straight up six feet in the air! With those feet I believe it. Agouti’s are related to guinea pigs. Everett Toews and I just call it the “big butt rat.” Heh. I hope you’ll get behind our guinea pig experiment with book making while we all work hard to bring you best practices and hard-earned lessons learned about operating OpenStack clouds.

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