Now you can watch the keynotes that took place during the OpenInfra Summit in Berlin!

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Resources from the Community & Foundation

Looking for resources to learn more about using or developing OpenStack, finding out what's happening in the community, or watching experts talk OpenStack? This is your place.

OpenStack Superuser Magazine


Find online and location specific trainings for all levels of expertise from the OpenStack Marketplace.

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Certified OpenStack Administrator

Get Certified

Register for the COA exam, the first professional certification offered by the Open Infrastructure Foundation.

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OpenStack Superuser Magazine

Superuser Magazine

With topics ranging from how-tos, case studies, organizational culture and more, this publication will give you the tools needed to become a Superuser.

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OpenStack Superuser Magazine

Ask OpenStack

Dig deep into the the world of OpenStack through the eyes of those who operate and develop OpenStack. Ask, find and answer OpenStack specific questions here.

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OpenStack Superuser Magazine

Summit Videos

Did you know almost every session at an OpenStack Summit is recorded and shared for the world to see? They are and you can find them here!

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OpenStack Superuser Magazine

Analyst Reports

Find the latest research and insights from leading technology analysts on the power of OpenStack’s cloud services.

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OpenStack Superuser Magazine


The OpenStack blog is an ever-changing wealth of information, highlighting everything from technical committee updates to events and weekly community newsletters.

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OpenStack Superuser Magazine


Read about the latest happenings in the OpenStack ecosystem. The news section features news from around the community and the Open Infrastructure Foundation.

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