Over 30 OpenStack users presented at the Sydney Summit to share their use case     Watch the sessions

OpenStack’s global traction expands for its Newton Release

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Analyst Q&A: What the Analysts Who Cover OpenStack Really Think
featuring Paul Miller (Forrester), Roz Roseboro (Heavy Reading), Colm Keegan (ESG), Steve O’Grady (Redmonk), and Rene Buest (Crisp Research)

More research and insights from leading technology analysts on the power of OpenStack’s cloud services:

OpenStack: Ready for Business

OpenStack is now a technologically credible platform upon which to grow ... If it didn’t work, no Fortune 100 would risk its customer reputation on it.
- Forrester (“Brief: OpenStack is Now Ready for Business,” September 2015)

OpenStack Summit Austin

The OpenStack Foundation kicked off its semiannual release summit with powerful data points for its enterprise audience: Half of all Fortune 100 companies use OpenStack, and 65% of users reportedly run production workloads in their OpenStack environments.

OpenStack Industry Trends

OpenStack has become a credible cloud option and the market is growing quickly.
- 451 Research (“The OpenStack Pulse 2015”)