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Technical Committee

The OpenStack Technical Committee provides technical leadership for OpenStack as a whole. Responsibilities include enforcing OpenStack ideals (such as Openness, Transparency, Commonality, Integration and Quality), deciding on issues that impact multiple programs, providing an ultimate appeals board for technical decisions and general oversight. It is a fully-elected Committee that represents the contributors to the project, and more details about membership and programs may be found in its charter.

Amy Marrich

Amy Marrich is a Principal Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat. She currently serves on the Open Infrastructure Foundation Board of Directors and on the OpenStack Technical Committee, as chair of the OIF Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, and contributes to several OpenStack projects, and previously served as the chair of the OpenStack User Committee. In addition, she serves as the Chair of the CentOS Project Board of Directors, and serves on the CHAOSS Project's Governing Board. Amy spends her free time competing in performance events (agility, FASt Cat, and dock diving) with her Dalmatians and competing in Dressage with her Connemara pony.

Dan Smith

Red Hat


Dmitriy Rabotyagov




James Page


James Page is an Ubuntu and Debian Developer and previous PTL of the OpenStack Charms project.

James is currently focussed on distribution and deployment of OpenStack on Ubuntu and currently works for Canonical as Technical Architect of the OpenStack Engineering team.

Jay Faulkner



Kristi Nikolla


Slawek Kaplonski


Slawek is open source enthusiast with over 8 years of cloud experience, currently working as senior software engineer at Red Hat, where he contribute to the networking solutions for OpenStack. He is fan of SDN solutions.


Before joined Red Hat, he was DevOps and one of the architects of networking solutions in OVH Public Cloud service based on OpenStack.