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OpenStack Essentials

Designing, Migrating and Deploying Applications

A Guide to Applications on OpenStack

Why Use OpenStack In The Enterprise

Speed & Agility

OpenStack accelerates your time-to-market by giving your business units a self-service portal to access necessary resources on-demand, and an API driven platform for developing cloud-aware apps.

Interoperability & Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

OpenStack is an open and flexible platform that enables application portability even among private and public clouds, allowing enterprises to choose the best cloud for their applications and workflows at any time, without lock-in. It can also be integrated with a variety of key business systems.

Vibrant Commercial Ecosystem

With support from every major IT vendor, including every significant Linux distribution, virtualization hypervisor, and public and hosted private cloud provider, and plug-ins from all major networking and storage vendors, you can build the environment you need with strong commercial and community support.

OpenStack security experts answer your questions

The Security Project team lives and breathes cloud security and answers the most frequently asked questions from enterprises and technologists. The Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative has validated OpenStack passes 100% of the best practices for open source security, quality and stability and has issued its Best Practices badge.

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Recommendations from the enterprise community

Current OpenStack users and community members built two guidebooks with enterprises in mind.

OpenStack: A Business Perspective Offers IT executives a view into use cases and economic factors to examine when considering OpenStack.

OpenStack: The Path to Cloud Provides enterprise architects insights on planning an OpenStack cloud, including selecting the right model, forming your team, choosing workloads, and implementation from proof-of-concept through production.

Or, purchase both as a single paperback book, the OpenStack Strategy & Planning Guide!


“Notable Fortune 100 enterprises like BMW, Disney, and Walmart have irrefutably proven that OpenStack is viable for production environments.“

More Use Cases’s Pet Adoption Site Gets Tails Wagging may be better known for making your house cozy with rugs, lamps and the like but now they’re connecting people with the feathered, furry and scaly friends that truly make a house a home. Overstock’s website systems team relies on their OpenStack-powered infrastructure to put into practice some of the best ideas that come to mind during a downward dog pose.

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Case Study: PayPal, Agility with Stability

At any given minute, more than $4,400 changes hands online over PayPal’s 113 million registered accounts around the world. OpenStack is playing a major part in PayPal’s vision by enabling a private cloud that helps the company’s developers quickly respond to its customers’ increasing demands and constantly changing needs, while developing a stable platform for customers to pay for their purchases.

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Pass the Mic User Spotlight: Doug Soltesz, Budd Van Lines

Budd Van Lines is a nationwide household goods carrier. In addition to moving over 6,000 families each year, they’re moving data. And a lot of it! Because of the experience and success they’ve had with OpenStack, Budd Van Lines is ordering specific hardware and newer equipment that will end up in production. They’re growing with OpenStack and it’s an exciting time.

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Standing Up OpenStack at Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable is the second largest cable provider in the United States, providing video, broadband, phone, and business services to millions of subscribers in major markets including New York and Los Angeles. In this presentation, Matt Haines tells the story of standing up OpenStack at Time Warner Cable with a small and dedicated team of devops engineers, a handful of community partners, and a short calendar.

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Our private cloud [based on OpenStack,] provides us with the agility, availability, manageability, efficiency and the foundation for innovation necessary to deliver the best products and services.
Sri Shivananda
Vice President, Global Platform and Infrastructure, PayPal