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OpenStack App Hackathons

OpenStack AppDev Hackathons are fun, face-to-face events organized by the local community, where you can learn from peers and experts about how to build apps for OpenStack clouds.

By attending you will receive basic training on how to use OpenStack for development, in addition to particular cloud application frameworks and some of the latest topics on cloud. Attendees will gain practical experience developing a cloud application in a team, form meaningful relationships with the cloud app community, and be empowered to actively participate in the global OpenStack community.

Upcoming OpenStack App Hackathons

Sorry, there are no upcoming events listed at the moment.

Wow! It really rare that we don't have any upcoming events on display. Somewhere in the world there's sure to be an OpenStack event in the near future— We probably just need to update this list. Please check back soon for more details.

Host An OpenStack App Hackathon

Are you interested in hosting an OpenStack App Hackathon in your area?

First, get in touch with your local user group or community ambassador to see if there are already events happening and how you can get plugged in. You can reference the list of user groups and ambassadors to find one near you. OpenStack App Hackathons can require quite a bit of work to organize, so it’s ideal for user group leaders to help organize them to collaborate across organizations and leverage existing local infrastructure, such as attendee lists and regular sponsors.

Next, review the event guidelines. OpenStack App Hackathons are non-commercial events and we expect them to run in accordance with the spirit of the community. This means making reasonable efforts to open the events to anyone in the community who wants to help organize, attend, or sponsor, regardless of affiliation.

Once you’ve reviewed the guidelines, please contact App Hack Working Group to get started.


Can anyone host an OpenStack App Hackathon?

OpenStack App Hackathon events are typically hosted by local user groups, but anyone can get involved. If you are interested in starting a new OpenStack App Hack in your area, it’s best to get in touch with your local user group or regional ambassador. In order to use the OpenStack brand, you must get approval from the OpenStack Foundation and meet the event guidelines.

Who attends OpenStack App Hackathon events?

These events are aimed at experienced developers who want to learn more about building cloud applications, and specifically OpenStack. Current events attract a couple hundred attendees. Most annual events grow and attract new participants each year, so it’s OK to start on the smaller end and build over time.

How can the App Hack Working Group help?

The working group is comproised of leaders who have run hackathons in the past. They will provide a kit you can follow to make a successful event and provide mentoring to assist along the way.