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OpenStack Hackathons

There are more than 0 OpenStack Hackathons scheduled for 2017 - find an upcoming OpenStack Hackathon in your region!

The clock is ticking. One teammate whiteboards while another digs through documentation. The best idea wins, but everyone learns. OpenStack Hackathons bring together hundreds of technologists in a supportive learning environment to practice their skills with the latest cloud tools.

For team members of all roles––be it appdev, devops, UX, sysadmin, or network engineering––hackathons are a great way to rapidly learn in a fun and competitive environment.

There are more than 0 OpenStack Hackathons scheduled for 2017 - find an upcoming OpenStack Hackathon in your region!

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Host An OpenStack App Hackathon

Are you interested in hosting an OpenStack App Hackathon in your area?

First, get in touch with your local user group or community ambassador to see if there are already events happening and how you can get plugged in. You can reference the list of user groups and ambassadors to find one near you. OpenStack App Hackathons can require quite a bit of work to organize, so it’s ideal for user group leaders to help organize them to collaborate across organizations and leverage existing local infrastructure, such as attendee lists and regular sponsors.

Next, review the event guidelines. OpenStack App Hackathons are non-commercial events and we expect them to run in accordance with the spirit of the community. This means making reasonable efforts to open the events to anyone in the community who wants to help organize, attend, or sponsor, regardless of affiliation.

Once you’ve reviewed the guidelines, please contact App Hack Working Group to get started.

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Can anyone host a Hackathon?

Yes, of course, we are a worldwide community! Hackathons are a great way to expand your community and/or improve the skills of your staff. There are two common Hackathon formats:

  • Community (large) hackathons: Grow the cloud app development skills of your regional community. These events bring together hundreds of participants from universities, companies, governments and other open cloud supporters.
  • Internal organization (small) hackathons: Train internal teams on OpenStack infrastructure and improve team collaboration through company-wide hackathons. Attendees will walk away with new knowledge about open infrastructure tools and cloud native applications.

How do I decide what size event to do?

If you are: arranging sponsorship for a dedicated event, planning to charge for attendance, expecting more than 50 people, planning a press release or any media involvement ... plan on doing a large hackathon.

We can connect you with community members (like Victor in the video below) who have run hackathons and can provide advice and guidance:


Who attends a Hackathon?

Hackathons are for everyone! It takes a variety of roles to take a concept from ideation to production, and hackathon attendance reflects that. Common attendees are network engineers, system administrators, developer operations, application developers, and usability experts, but there’s no limit to who you might want to invite or who will attend.


How can the OpenStack Foundation help?

Once an event is approved by the Hackathon Working Group, the Foundation provides support including training videos/materials/graphics, advisory sessions, and potentially sponsorship depending on size and scope of the event. The Foundation will also introduce you to companies in the OpenStack ecosystem who are eager to support hackathons through prizes, venues and catering.


Hackathon Toolkit Outline

Planning Tools

Hackathon overview for organizers

Official Foundation agreement and sponsorship contract, including:

  • Example timelines/checklist for pre-training activities
  • Example volunteer roles for large hackathons
  • Suggested activities for company-specific/internal hackathons

Registration, promotion and feedback

Registration Questionnaire

Post-event survey question examples

Safety/Code of Conduct

OpenStack Hackathon Logo and Digital Assets

The OpenStack Foundation has created an official OpenStack Hackathon logo and digital assets to be used for all OpenStack Hackathons. For both trademark and legal reasons, all official OpenStack Hackathons are required to use these assets in all event communications, printed materials, signage, and website presence. To request your official OpenStack Hackathon logo and branding kit, please send an email to [email protected]

OpenStack Marketing Collateral

Openstack Brand Policy

OpenStack Privacy Policy

OpenStack Trademark Policy


Highlights From Recent OpenStack Hackathons

Sorry, there are no upcoming events listed at the moment.

Wow! It really rare that we don't have any upcoming events on display. Somewhere in the world there's sure to be an OpenStack event in the near future— We probably just need to update this list. Please check back soon for more details.