Lifetime OpenStack Contributor Metrics Now Available in Bitergia Dashboard

Contributing to OpenStack and joining the community is one of my proudest accomplishments, hands down. In fact, I actually have a skirt printed with lines of code showing the state of OpenStack (projects.yaml) from the day my first patch landed in Cinder. 

But it’s definitely not just me that has made OpenStack into one of the top five most active open source projects in the world. Thousands of contributors from around the world have delivered changes, bug fixes, and documentation. The data behind these contributors has been something we announce twice a year, with each new software release, but it hasn’t been available to the general public in a clear and easy way to explore. Until now. 

During the OpenInfra Summit Vancouver keynotes this morning, I had the pleasure of announcing the availability of an OpenStack dashboard that collects and analyzes the data behind the OpenStack repositories. This dashboard is made available by Bitergia, the official metrics partner of the OpenInfra Foundation. 

Here are some trends and data points that the dashboard provides: 

  • The evolution of contribution to the different OpenStack projects over time
  • The distribution of repositories across OpenStack components 

The part that I am most excited about is that the OpenStack contribution data can also be visually connected to data from adjacent open source communities, like Kubernetes. This illustrates the power of cross-community collaboration to ensure interoperability between the two projects – something that thousands of organizations rely on. 

If you want to become part of this intertwined network, the OpenStack community is always welcoming new contributors! Reach out to the First Contact SIG or check out the Upstream Investment Opportunities list for more information! 

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