Virtuozzo joins the OpenStack Marketplace, and Sharktech does too. Shouldn’t you?

We’re excited to announce that Virtuozzo is now part of the OpenStack Marketplace – and even better, our US cloud partner Sharktech has joined too.

The OpenStack Marketplace has a simple goal: to make it easy to find cloud services and technologies that help you leverage the awesome open-source OpenStack framework. It’s a natural home for Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, our production-ready OpenStack cloud platform.

By making OpenStack easy to deploy, manage and update – and easy to monetize – Virtuozzo enables any Cloud Service Provider, MSP or Telco to offer a much more affordable and compelling alternative to hyperscale clouds like AWS and Azure, without the time and cost of developing their own solution.

You can now find Virtuozzo in the OpenStack Marketplace Distro, Public Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud categories – check them out!

“There’s a shift underway in the market as organizations realize that managed services for open-source projects like OpenStack have matured to become full-fledged competitors to hyperscale cloud providers. This shift is both healthy and necessary, as organizations work to claw back control over their data and where compute takes place. The rapidly growing, global footprint of OpenStack managed services is contributing to this shift, and it’s exciting to see collaboration among players like Virtuozzo and Sharktech delivering these services at scale,” said Jimmy McArthur, Senior Manager of Community and Business Development at OpenInfra Foundation.

OpenStack at the Heart of Alternative Cloud

Speaking about the news, Virtuozzo CEO Alex Fine said: “Wherever we turn and whomever we speak to – cloud users, cloud providers, analysts or partners – the message is clear: the world needs an alternative to the super-complex and expensive hyperscale clouds.”

“Virtuozzo is leading the charge to make cloud easy, accessible and affordable for all. That is what we call the alternative cloud, and OpenStack technologies are at its heart. We’re excited to be part of the OpenStack Marketplace, along with more and more of our partners – the companies bringing alternative cloud services to businesses across the world.”

Building the future of cloud with OpenStack technologies is part of our long-term commitment and passion for open-source. For more than 20 years, the Virtuozzo engineering team has been actively contributing to OpenStack, Linux and the Linux kernel – including KVM, QEMU and LibVirt, CRIU and P.Haul – and of course OpenVZ, and VzLinux, our own free distro.

Sharktech Joins, Too

The latest Virtuozzo partner to join the marketplace is Sharktech. Founded in 2003, Sharktech has grown from its headquarters in Las Vegas to offer a range of hosting services from datacenters in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago and Amsterdam.

In 2021, Sharktech launched a new range of cloud services based on Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure. Sharktech is now an important part of the Virtuozzo cloud ecosystem, not just for SME and enterprise users, but for other service providers looking to build their own cloud services business.

“OpenStack always had the potential to become the de facto cloud platform, but for hosting providers like us, it was always kind of daunting. That isn’t because we don’t have the skills to build our own OpenStack cloud – it’s just the time and cost of building it ourselves,” said Sharktech CEO, Tim Timrawi.

“Virtuozzo has streamlined OpenStack, removed the complexity and packaged it in a way that makes sense for service providers. As a result, we can bring high quality, ultra-robust and very cost-effective services to market – and of course, we’re excited that Sharktech cloud is now easy to find through the OpenStack Marketplace.”  

More Info

Virtuozzo is the easiest way for service providers to create their own profitable, successful cloud services business.

Learn more about Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, and don’t forget to check out… …and of course, if you already offer cloud based on Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, get your brand and services added to the OpenStack Marketplace!

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