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App Dev on OpenStack

Open APIs and a vibrant, global community make OpenStack the platform of choice for app development. This page offers a wealth of tools to accelerate software development, testing and QA. Scroll down for resources for app developers, including building a private cloud, working with containers and accessing a global network of public clouds.

Why app developers are embracing OpenStack

Global standard

Open source APIs provide a common platform across public, private and hybrid clouds

Strong community

Join a vibrant, global community of developers who have your back

Tools & resources

Get moving faster with a growing ecosystem of development tools, applications and public clouds


Want to make your software available to OpenStack users everywhere?

Learn more about the market and available resources.

Learn more about OpenStack for ISVs

Build and operate your first OpenStack application

Start with the first app guide
to learn how to program OpenStack clouds.

Watch the presentation
from our latest summit event.

Small and nimble, containers are a powerful tool

Containers are isolated, portable environments to build and run applications using shared libraries. OpenStack provides a solid platform to run containers in virtual machines or bare metal, without creating new vertical silos of technology in your datacenter. In this whitepaper, learn how OpenStack works with containers and container management technologies.

It works. It rocks.

Whether you're facing a workload that spikes, a scale or resource challenge, or skeptical leadership concerned about stability and compliance, we have proof. See how the world's most demanding brands are using OpenStack:

Looking for SDKs?

Dig into the OpenStack toolbox to access APIs, docs and SDKs in six languages to accelerate your app development. We've assembled resources for every developer or development task in one place, plus community support and blueprints.

Explore developer tools

Find OpenStack Apps

Ready to put your cloud to work? Explore our Community App Catalog, with tools for a wide variety of use cases.

  • Murano packages offer complete, ready-to-deploy applications in simple and clustered configurations
  • Heat templates help you create complete stacks in your cloud
  • Glance images make you ready to launch virtual machines on your cloud.
Get ready-to-use apps

Take it for a test drive

Want to get started quickly? We have dozens of OpenStack public clouds around the world.

Explore the public cloud marketplace
Previously, requests for a full end-to-end environment have taken up to three months to fulfill … [now] the team is able to spin up their own environment with a few clicks. Within 15 minutes, everything has been stood up, it’s all been validated, passed health checks, and they’re able to get to work.
—Mike Smith

Around 50% of OpenStack users are running CaaS/PaaS on OpenStack

A large community of application developers and ecosystem of container management and PaaS tools has grown around OpenStack. At the Boston Summit, there were workshops and sessions for users who are building and deploying applications on OpenStack clouds, and cover topics like automating and managing application deployment, SDKs, tools, PaaS and big data.