What Operators Can Expect to Discuss with the OpenStack Manila Team at the PTG

If you’re an OpenStack operator, you should check out my previous blog post about why you should attend the upcoming Project Teams Gathering (PTG). In an effort to help OpenStack operators get the most out of a PTG, we surveyed some project team leads (PTLs)  about the operator engagement they would most like to see. First up, we have Nova!

Special thanks to the Manila team, lead by PTL Goutham Pacha Ravi for taking time to put together these responses.

What do you want to hear from operators about at the PTG?

In the Shared File Systems service (manila) project, for the past three virtual PTGs we have invited one or two operators to share specific concerns with us. The discussions that followed have spawned several bugs and blueprints. We’ve discussed operational best practices, sporadic problems that arise at scale, storage for application containers, continuous integration testing, interoperability and missing features.

For this PTG, we would like to do the same – the strategy of keeping it to a few burning issues has certainly been very helpful. Our topics aren’t set in stone yet, but for starters, we’d like to get operator feedback on deploying and managing Manila with CephFS. Alongside, we want to know the strategies used by operators to maintain high availability of the control plane; and finally, we want to get feedback on several parallel community-wide efforts:

  • Secure RBAC and “system” personas
  • Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)
  • Adoption of the OpenStackClient

What topics are already on your agenda?

We’ve started collecting them here: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/columbus-ptg-manila-planning

What are your goals for the October 2022 PTG?

Streamline and prioritize code contributor and reviewer efforts for the Antelope cycle, highlight technical debt and get help.

We look forward to seeing EVERYONE at the PTG in October! Registration is currently open and free to everyone who would like to attend. If you haven’t signed your team up yet, do it by August 26!

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