Technical Committee Highlights July 17, 2016

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This update is dedicated to our recent in-person training for the Technical Committee and additional community leaders. Reflections on our Leadership Training Workshop In mid-July 2016, 20 members of the OpenStack community including Technical Committee members current and past, PTLs current and past, other Community members and additional supporting facilitators met for a 2 day… Read more »

Technical Committee Highlights January 22, 2016

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Upstream development track – please submit We’ll have an “Upstream development” track at the Austin Summit. It will happen on the Monday, before the Design Summit starts. This is a classic Summit conference track with recorded videos, so we want polished proposals for this track. We expect these to include general communication about development process… Read more »

What’s next for application developer guides?

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Summary This month, the site gets a new look and changes its source tooling. Read on for details about how these changes affect your project team. Why are we changing the site? You might know that the site documents over 900GET/PUT/POST/DELETE/PATCH calls for a dozen OpenStack services already on the site. As a couple of… Read more »