To the first OpenStack Documentation BootCamp

The OpenStack Docs Bootcamp offers a deep dive into the technical tools, workflows, and processes we use to create and Our goal is to give enough information that will create sustaining new core members of OpenStack Documentation.

Inspired by the first successful Infrastructure BootCamp, the OpenStack Documentation BootCamp is an in-person, intensive sprint for people who are looking to get involved deeply with OpenStack Documentation and need a leg up into the process.  Participants to the BootCamp will be all together in the same room, with their laptops and get them setup with the tool chain.

The two days event is structured so that the first day is an introduction to tools and processes, mainly aimed new contributors; day two is the deep dive into the content of all docs and manuals, with existing and new contributors on the same level.  The Docs BootCamp will be on Sept. 9-10 in Mountain View, CA by Mirantis offices.

You can register to attend through this form. More details on the OpenStack wiki.

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