OpenStack Social Media Survey Results

Over the past week, the OpenStack Community Management team has conducted an online Social Media Engagement survey to better understand the needs and wants of various community member types in relation to the information available. The survey results are available, SurveySummary_06082011 with no details on the participants who answered questions.

Based on these results, we are taking the following three actions to meet the needs of the community:

1. Result – and the OpenStack presence on various social networks (especially Twitter and LinkedIn) are the primary information sources of most respondents with 60% looking to receive even more information on a regular basis.

    Action –  A social network plan will be drafted to better link the various OpenStack information repositories with community member information access points. This plan will drive content from OpenStack Slideshare, Vimeo, Flickr, and other repositories to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Be on the lookout for this plan as we intend to ask the broader community for feedback on the various options available in this plan.

    2. Result – Two community member types stood out in the survey: Participating company prospects and Active contributor prospects.

    Action – A “Getting Started with OpenStack” document is planned for publication with all the information on becoming a participating company, active participant, developer, etc. This document will be visible in many social networking sites including the OpenStack home page to provide critical information for these community prospects.

    3. Result – The OpenStack Forum is showing strength for people looking for information and answers to common OpenStack user questions.

    Action – New marketing and promotion initiatives will be started to significantly raise the awareness of the OpenStack Forum and help drive more participation.

    Thanks again for everyone that participated and if you have more thoughts on this issue, please contact Summer Fouche; or Stephen Spector.


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