Supporting our global community

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OpenStack is a global open source community. The OpenStack Foundation serves members in 180 countries focused on advancing the capabilities and accessibility of open infrastructure everywhere. We fundamentally believe diversity and collaboration are a powerful force for innovation, and it has been amazing to see the product of tens of thousands of people around the… Read more »

Taking Stock of OpenStack’s Rapid Growth

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With another successful OpenStack Summit in the books, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on three big areas of maturity that are rapidly emerging for the project: user maturity, software maturity and a focus on cloud operations. Users Take Center Stage First, it has become increasingly clear that the number of new users… Read more »

Clarification re: Board Activity

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Today the OpenStack Foundation is releasing the following statement: “The OpenStack Foundation is aware of media reports that discuss the commercial activities of Red Hat and other OpenStack vendors. The Board has not met to discuss this issue, nor has the Board taken a formal position on the issue. Although certain Board members in their… Read more »

OpenStack 2014: Powered by Users

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If momentum is any indication, 2014 is poised to be a defining year for OpenStack. All of our vital statistics, from community growth to code commits and tracked deployments, doubled in 2013, and all signs point to continued growth. Still, we continue to hear the questions: Who’s really driving OpenStack? Are there too many cooks… Read more »

OpenStack Governance Update

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We’ve built quite an open source community together since we launched less than eight months ago!  What started as a small group of people committed to building an open cloud standard, has grown to hundreds of developers and more than 50 participating organizations virtually overnight.  From the beginning, this community was founded with the goal… Read more »

OpenStack Project Oversight Committee

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The OpenStack Project Oversight Committee (POC) was formed at the end of last year. The committee is a mixture of appointed and community elected members who fill nine seats. The current members are Jesse Andrews, Jonathan Bryce, Rick Clark, Soren Hansen, Mark Interrante, Vish Ishaya, Joshua McKenty, Ewan Mellor and Chuck Thier. One of the… Read more »

2010 Architecture Board Elections

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Starting on Monday, November 1, OpenStack willl be holding the community elections for the OpenStack Architecture Board. We have posted a list of twelve nominees on the wiki. You can visit the wiki page to see the list and read a little about each of the candidates: The voting is open to everyone who… Read more »