OpenStack Project Oversight Committee

The OpenStack Project Oversight Committee (POC) was formed at the end of last year. The committee is a mixture of appointed and community elected members who fill nine seats. The current members are Jesse Andrews, Jonathan Bryce, Rick Clark, Soren Hansen, Mark Interrante, Vish Ishaya, Joshua McKenty, Ewan Mellor and Chuck Thier. One of the responsibilities of the POC is to approve policies for the operation of OpenStack sub-projects.

As Rick mentioned in this week’s release meeting, one policy has just been approved–a procedure for adding developers to core teams. This was a policy that was proposed to the general OpenStack mailing list for open discussion. After a period of time, the POC then took up discussion of the issue and voted to adopt the proposal. John Purrier has followed a similar process for a number of proposals and the POC is currently considering two.

The majority of POC discussion and voting has happened on a Launchpad group mailing list. Archives are publicly available and anyone interested in reviewing the detailed discussion can view the threads here:

In addition, the POC will be holding regular IRC meetings, and the logs and minutes of those meetings will be available as well. A summary of POC activity and links to relevant information will be available on the OpenStack wiki:

In the last six months, OpenStack has grown and matured, and we have heard a lot of great feedback on the governance model. As the year progresses, I expect that we will continue to refine and improve our governance processes and models. If you have feedback, suggestions, or questions, please share them with me ([email protected]).



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