Announcing the O’Reilly OpenStack Operations Guide

Er, what’s this? An O’Reilly OpenStack Operations Guide offered side-by-side with the continuously-published OpenStack Operations Guide? Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, O’Reilly has completed the production of the OpenStack Operations Guide: Set Up and Manage Your OpenStack Cloud. You can get your bits-n-bytes copy at or order a dead-tree version on the O’Reilly site.


This book was a complete community effort with a bit of a twist: we held a five-day book sprint back in February 2013 with the seven original authors and one book sprint facilitator, Adam Hyde. We wrote and wrote and wrote some more, then edited and glued it all together so that we had a 240 page book by Friday afternoon. The book got quite a bit of love and attention for the next year or so, and in February 2014 we held a mini-sprint with the original authors to update the book for the Havana release and to address developmental edits from our O’Reilly editors, led by Brian Anderson and first introduced by Andy Oram. In the developmental edit, we added a new architecture with RedHat using OpenStack Networking (neutron) as an alternative to Ubuntu with legacy networking, nova-network. We tested a process for upgrading from Grizzly to Havana in a new upgrades chapter. We also added a lot of network troubleshooting information. There’s a new “Havana Haunted by the Dead” tale from the crypt/cloud. We included an expanded glossary as well. Also an exciting addition to a book nerd like myself is the index.

As mentioned in the book itself, we appreciate the 50-plus contributors who support this book and the tool chains around it. Reviews, continuous builds, output, and translations are all an important part of this book’s surrounding systems.

The following people are contributors in the many methods it takes to create a book in the community: Akihiro Motoki, Alejandro Avella, Alexandra Settle, Andreas Jaeger, Andy McCallum, Benjamin Stassart, Beth Cohen, Chandan Kumar, Chris Ricker, David Cramer, David Wittman, Denny Zhang, Emilien Macchi, Gauvain Pocentek, Ignacio Barrio, James E. Blair, Jay Clark, Jeff White, Jeremy Stanley, K Jonathan Harker, KATO Tomoyuki, Lana Brindley, Laura Alves, Lee Li, Lukasz Jernas, Mario B. Codeniera, Matthew Kassawara, Michael Still, Monty Taylor, Nermina Miller, Nigel Williams, Phil Hopkins, Russell Bryant, Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui, Sandy Walsh, Sascha Peilicke, Sean M. Collins, Sergey Lukjanov, Shilla Saebi, Stephen Gordon, Steven Deaton, Summer Long, Uwe Stuehler, Vaibhav Bhatkar, Veronica Musso, Ying Chun “Daisy” Guo, Zhengguang Ou, and ZhiQiang Fan.

We want to be sure you read this book and log bugs and perhaps even fix some yourself if you’re so inclined! You can read how to on the OpenStack wiki. We also have the OpenStack Security Guide, written in a five day book sprint in June 2013. And we won’t stop there! Plans are underway for a third book to be written with a five day book sprint to help people design OpenStack clouds for many use cases.

We’ll continue to update these books using our community tool chain. We greatly appreciate the support from the OpenStack Foundation and O’Reilly to give the OpenStack Operations Guide that professional polish it deserves.

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