Addressing the topic of ‘Core’ through Spider

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The word “core” carries with it a wide range of meaning and implication for those involved within the OpenStack community. What we’ve discovered through ongoing discussions is that the goals of one audience simply aren’t necessarily the goals of the other audiences – in fact, in some cases, they’re opposed! We first began the journey to refine the definition of core through… Read more »

Ripple Effect

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I enjoying hiking, and one trek I enjoy is a climb to over 10,000 feet within the Great Basin National Park to a small lake called Stella Lake.  Stella is very small and insignificant, if measured by size and depth. It sits at the foot of a small ancient glacier cirque sheltered by 13,000-foot Wheeler… Read more »

Project Incubation Process Update is Underway

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If you take a moment to view the different projects, committees and work groups that are currently underway within the OpenStack project, 2013 is looking to be a very exciting year for cloud computing.  I could easily write an entire dissertation about the accomplishments the community will make this year now that the OpenStack Foundation… Read more »