Recap: “Ceph Lords” OpenStack SF Meetup Feb 02

OpenStack SF Meetup Ceph

On February 2nd, a league of extraordinary gentlemen gathered inside a crowded chamber for the “Ceph LordsOpenStack SF Meetup.  About 75 Stackers were in attendance making this event a smashing success!

If you missed this Meetup, then you should watch the recorded presentations in order to experience the lively discourse.  Also, check out the photos that were taken by the Piston Cloud crew.  They did a good job capturing the fun, relaxed ambiance of the gathering.

The Meetup was facilitated by Piston Cloud and hosted by DreamHost.  Scrumptious tacos were catered by Tacolicious, and Magnolia Brewery provided a keg of ice-cold California Kolsh beer.

Ceph was in the spotlight throughout the Meetup.  For those few who are still unfamiliar with Ceph, it’s a massively scalable, open source, distributed storage system.  The presenters focused primarily on how Ceph works with the cloud software stack, and how it’s currently being implemented in production.

The DreamHost team kicked off the event.  Ben Cherian provided a brief overview on the reasons why DreamHost chose to use Ceph as the storage foundation for their current hosting products and upcoming cloud services.

Tommi Virtanen dived into the Ceph platform from a technical perpective.  He described the major components of Ceph, its storage architecture, and how it distributes data.

Carl Perry talked about how DreamHost is currently deploying Ceph.  He touched on specifics such as the hardware and tools involved, the level of automation, and things learned along the way.

Christopher MacGown, Co-Founder and CTO of Piston Cloud, was the final presenter.  He opened with how storage should work in a cloud environment and why Piston Cloud chose Ceph as the backend storage solution.  He finished by describing how his company is using Ceph with the Piston Enterprise OS™ software.

OpenStack SF Meetup Ceph


Written by: Brent Scotten


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