Recap: OpenStack Meetup Apr 26

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About a month ago, LA had its third OpenStack™ Meetup, “This Calls for Essex-y Party”.  The atmosphere was electric and the air was thick with love – love for OpenStack and burritos. It could have been that many of us were still flying high from the OpenStack Summit/Conference that occurred the week before.  It could have… Read more »

Recap: OpenStack LA Meetup Mar 29

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Z! Entertainment Television presents… “Live from the Taupe Carpet”   Brian Schmeecrest here, coming to you live from the OpenStack LA premiere.  I’ll take you behind the scenes of this momentous event, give you the scoop on the presenters, highlight who said what, and get the lowdown on the worst dressed from the Fashion Polizei. First… Read more »

On your mark… Get set… CODE!

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The race is on to release the final candidate of Essex.  Join the OpenStack sprint team in Santa Clara during PyCon, March 12th-15th.  We need your help to push Essex across the finish line. DreamHost is co-sponsoring the PyCon Development Sprints and is organizing a group that will focus exclusively on the OpenStack project.  Food… Read more »

Recap: OpenStack Atlanta Meetup Mar 01

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Armed to the teeth with coffee, Danishes and laptops, a band of merry men, led by Sir Duncan McGreggor*, set out yesterday morning to rob the royal Essex release of any and all bugs.  The gathering of this crack dev team marked the inaugural Meetup of OpenStack Atlanta, a new local chapter in the rapidly… Read more »

Recap: “Ceph Lords” OpenStack SF Meetup Feb 02

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On February 2nd, a league of extraordinary gentlemen gathered inside a crowded chamber for the “Ceph Lords” OpenStack SF Meetup.  About 75 Stackers were in attendance making this event a smashing success! If you missed this Meetup, then you should watch the recorded presentations in order to experience the lively discourse.  Also, check out the… Read more »