Recap: OpenStack LA Meetup Mar 29

Z! Entertainment Television presents… “Live from the Taupe Carpet”


Brian Schmeecrest here, coming to you live from the OpenStack LA premiere.  I’ll take you behind the scenes of this momentous event, give you the scoop on the presenters, highlight who said what, and get the lowdown on the worst dressed from the Fashion Polizei.

First up, let’s give the folks at home some background on this event.  It’s been billed as the very first OpenStack user group gathering in Los Angeles.  The Meetup was well attended by over 60 Stackers, many of who had traveled great distances across Southern California to be there.  Sultan Chicken catered the Greek food and Buzz Wine & Beer supplied the Firestone DBA and Racer 5 IPA.

The men of the hour were Vish Ishaya and Jay Pipes.  Vish works for Rackspace Cloud Builders and is also the Nova Project Technical Lead for OpenStack Compute.   Jay is the Director of Engineering for HP’s Open Source Cloud Services team.  He also sits on the OpenStack Project Policy Board.

Vish presented first on OpenStack’s Compute history, talked about how devs could get their feet wet via, walked the audience through a demo of OpenStack, updated everyone on the upcoming Essex release, and hinted at what he’d like to see in the future Folsom release.

OH:  It’s difficult to quantify the level of contributions to the OpenStack project.  The primary takeaway is that there is a whole lot of “immeasurable awesomeness” flowing into OpenStack.


After making a long trip from Ohio, Jay Pipes told the LA audience the story of and how it came to be.  He started with several uses of TryStack, how over 800 users have tried it, hardware specs and architecture, TryStack’s deployment and the resulting lessons learned.

After the presentations, the Stackers casually lingered while chatting jovially and sipping on their beers.  The air in the room was filled with OpenStack excitement and the smell of succulent kebabs.  It was truly a night to remember.

I’m going to close our show by opening a sealed envelope that was given to me by none other than Herr Bogensberger from the Fashion Polizei.  Herr Bogensberger is the utmost authority on high fashion.  From what he told me, it was a major faux pas.  The perp stood out like Lady Gaga playing bingo at the Sleepy Willow Retirement Home.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to hear who took the crown for the worst dressed?

*drum roll*

And his name … will be revealed right after this inaptly timed commercial break!




Written by: Brent Scotten

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