Essex OpenStack Global Hack-In

Essex is a release focused on improving the integrity of OpenStack, so our first Global Hack-In is right at the start of the release candidate cycle, the start of March, 2012. The event brings together physically developers that spend their days or their nights making OpenStack.

The event is focused on testing and getting familiar with the release and exploring areas outside of your expertise. Collaborators will be working on resolving high priority bugs, and exploring, reviewing and testing OpenStack Essex.

Thanks in advance to DreamHost, Gold Coast Techspace, Piston Cloud, MercadoLibre, Yahoo, Mirantis, Citrix, Ubuntu, and Rackspace for sponsoring these events. Special thanks to my co-conspirator Tristan Goode of Aptira and the OzStackers for representing with 3 local events in Australia!

It’s not too late to have a Hack-In at your location, just add the information to the wiki. Even if it’s just you and a friend opening your door to fellow stackers, it’s a great way to start a local community.

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