OpenStack 2012 Events

We are working on the 2012 event calendar, and are actively seeking feedback and sponsorship support for OpenStack to be well-represented at industry events.  There is a public etherpad where you can suggest an event to attend (or pass up!), and we would love to get  your input.  Right now, we are hoping to have OpenStack represented at the following industry events the first half of the year:

SCALE10x, January 20-22, Los Angeles
FOSDEM, February 4-5, Bruxelles, BE
PYCON, March 7-15, Santa Clara, CA
– Ubuntu Developer Summit, May TBD
– EuroPython, June TBD, Florence, Italy
– OSCON, July 16-20, Portland, OR

We’ve had a lot of success with OpenStack having a community-sponsored presence at industry tradeshows. In this case, companies in the community may choose to pitch in and split costs for the OpenStack booth and marketing activities. In return, their brand is featured on promotional materials (signs, t-shirts, etc.), they are co-sponsors of the evening event (if applicable) and they have the opportunity to help staff the booth. Please contact Lauren Sell and Dee Rosales at [email protected] if you are interested in sponsoring OpenStack at upcoming events, the first of which is SCALE10x in January.

We are making headway on next OpenStack Design Summit & Conference, targeting the week of April 16 depending on venue availability.  We plan to finalize the venue and dates by the end of December, and will post a sponsorship prospectus and call for papers shortly thereafter. If you have a venue recommendation or your company might have the facilities to accommodate 800+ people, please contact [email protected] (note: we are moving very quickly on this with a goal to lock it down by Dec 31).

Also, if you are hosting a local meetup or OpenStack event, please contact [email protected] to have it listed and promoted on

Thanks for your continued support.

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