OpenStack Technical Committee Update

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Since TC elections are around the corner, the OpenStack Technical Committee had what is likely the last meeting of this cycle. The last update was about one month ago, and a lot has happened since then. Graduation Discussions The technical committee completed an integration review for both Ironic (Bare-Metal Provisioning) and Zaqar (Messaging). Ironic has… Read more »

Latest Technical Committee Updates

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The OpenStack Technical Committee meets weekly to work through requests for incubation, to review technical issues happening in currently integrated projects, and to represent the technical contributors to OpenStack. We have about a month remaining with our current crew and elections coming soon. What have we been up to? Here’s an overview of current activities…. Read more »

OpenStack Technical Committee Update (July 1)

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The last TC update discussed the DefCore effort being led by the OpenStack Foundation Board. The DefCore subcommittee had made some requests for input from the TC. This week we held a special meeting entirely focused on clarifying some points around DefCore and providing some responses to the questions given to us. It’s also worth… Read more »

Election Results for Individual and Gold Directors

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Each January two of the Foundation member classes hold elections to determine their Board representatives for 2014. The Gold Members held their election on January 6th-7th while Individual Members elected their Directors between Jan 12th-17th. Today the 2014 election of Individual Directors has closed and the official results are in. The elected and appointed directors… Read more »

Reviewing how Blueprints are handled

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OpenStack Compute Tech Lead Russell Bryant has triggered an important discussion on the OpenStack Development mailing list about the process to review blueprints. The Blueprints wiki page currently assigns to Project Tech Leads the task of assigning priority to the blueprints and Russell is suggesting that a wider group of people in the community shares… Read more »

OpenStack Governance: Electing Technical Leaders For Next Development Cycle

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An important part of OpenStack’s culture is to elect its tech leaders every six months: we’re in the process of electing the Project Tech Leads for the next 6 months release cycle. Our governance model based on merit is one of the strong points of our community. Except otherwise-noted in the program description, the electorate for… Read more »

Addressing the topic of ‘Core’ through Spider

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The word “core” carries with it a wide range of meaning and implication for those involved within the OpenStack community. What we’ve discovered through ongoing discussions is that the goals of one audience simply aren’t necessarily the goals of the other audiences – in fact, in some cases, they’re opposed! We first began the journey to refine the definition of core through… Read more »