Engineering team staffing up

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I’m very pleased to welcome Mike Perez (a.k.a. thingee) to the Engineering team at the OpenStack Foundation. Within the Foundation, the Engineering team is tasked with ensuring the long-term health of the OpenStack open source development project. That includes helping in keeping the project infrastructure up and running, organizing the design summits and identifying issues… Read more »

OpenStack Technical Committee Update: Project Reform Progress

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Over the last few months, the Technical Committee has been discussing plans to dissolve the binary concept of the integrated release and adapt our projects structure to the future needs of collaborative development in the OpenStack community. A specification was written to describe the rationale for the reform and its goals. In the past weeks,… Read more »

Technical Committee & Grizzly Update

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The OpenStack development teams continue to make progress in many areas. We recently published the grizzly-2 development milestone. It marks the middle of the “Grizzly” development cycle, which will end on April 4. So far 99 feature blueprints have been completed, and 113 more are still likely to be included before our feature freeze date… Read more »

Waiting list for the Design Summit

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The first 200 open seats for the Essex Design Summit were registered in less than 9 days. This event, geared towards existing and prospective OpenStack developers, is separate from the OpenStack Conference and has a more limited capacity. For the last 50 seats, the Design Summit organization committee needs to give priority to OpenStack core… Read more »

Coming up in OpenStack Bexar release

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(This article is an updated version of a post originally posted here). OpenStack is busy with so much development activity it’s hard to keep up.  42 (!) specs were targeted for the 3-month long Bexar development cycle… and there are more than 150 active branches. Over December alone, we saw more than 900 commits by 60… Read more »