Technical Committee & Grizzly Update

The OpenStack development teams continue to make progress in many areas. We recently published the grizzly-2 development milestone. It marks the middle of the “Grizzly” development cycle, which will end on April 4. So far 99 feature blueprints have been completed, and 113 more are still likely to be included before our feature freeze date on February 19th. This will mean nearly 200 improvements by the time the final release arrives.

Some changes are very visible, like the introduction of new versions of APIs and support for new networking, storage and authentication backends. Also, this release includes the much-anticipated work on Compute Cells that makes it easier to deploy and manage OpenStack clouds at very large scale. Some other changes are less visible, but as important, like the creation of common libraries to reduce technical debt and minimize duplication of code between projects.

Our development infrastructure, handling about 2000 commits per month, continues to improve. It now runs even more unit and integration tests before accepting new code, while reducing the overall time it takes to run them!

The Technical Committee has begun meeting regularly and working on a number of items. It decided to accept into incubation the Ceilometer and Heat projects, adopted new policies on 3rd-party API and Python support, and is participating in the joint committee working on defining the future of Incubation and Core with the Board of Directors.

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