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OpenStack at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group: Chicago-land Meetup

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group hosted the Chicagoland OpenStack Meetup last night, February 20, 2014.  The night kicked off with some quick introductions from OpenStack Meetup Organizer Erik Martensen and CME Host and Senior Director Vinod Kutty. Then the crowd settled in to listen to OpenStack Cinder Core Developer Mike Perez discuss what’s new with the block storage project. It was a lively discussion with thirty plus minutes of enthusiastic Q&A. Most of the audience had a general to advanced concept of Cinder and some even gave Mike an idea or two about what users want in future releases. A very special thank you to Mike for coming out from Los Angeles to address the growing OpenStack interest in the Chicago community. And, thank you as well to the CME and Vinod for the wonderful meeting space.

Outside of the CME GroupCrowd ShotMike & Vinod quiz the audienceMike that might be in the next releaseMike Talking - Interesting

Blow Out the Candles – OpenStack Turns 3!

Update: Visit the new OpenStack birthday page with links to an infographic, the web badge and more!

OpenStack will celebrate it’s third birthday July 19, and we’re celebrating this month!  In three short years, Openstack has truly emerged as the center of cloud innovation, with hundreds of companies around the world relying on OpenStack to run their business. OpenStack is maturing, it’s coming of age and new users being announced every week (Fidelity, Comcast, Best Buy, Bloomberg).Over the past three years, we’ve also seen OpenStack grow internationally. There are now over 40 global user groups and more than 10,000 community members across 121 countries. And we’ve recently crossed the 1,000 authors threshold to the code base.  This calls for a big toast to the OpenStack community!

In celebration of the birthday month, we’ve launched the OpenStack #OpenMic series to spotlight contributors who’ve helped make the project a success . Each weekday in July, we’re highlighting one OpenStack technical contributor in a blog post on as and syndicating it on Twitter. We want to celebrate the people who have helped make OpenStack possible during our birthday month, and to help community members get to know each other. To participate:

On July 24 the Foundation will host OpenStack’s 3rd Birthday Bash in Portland, Oregon at the OSCON conference – where OpenStack was launched in 2010. If you are in the area or attending the conference we would love to see you there. Please RSVP here -

We’ve also invited all our user groups to celebrate with us. This month over 35 OpenStack birthday parties will be thrown all over the world – celebrating with cake, drinks, music, and more!  We encourage everyone to join the conversation and share party pictures using the hashtag #OpenStack3Bday

Update:  We also produced a web badge you can embed on your blog by copy and pasting this html:

<img src=”” width=”180″ height=”260″ alt=”Happy 3rd Birthday, OpenStack”/>

Please attend or help promote an OpenStack birthday party near you:

Atlanta - July 18
Austin - July 18
Boston - July 16
Brazil - July 19
Brisbane - July 19
Canberra - July 19
Chicago - July 9
China - July 20
Colorado - July 22
DC - July 17
Ecuador - July 18
Egypt - date TBD
Florida - July 18
Germany - date TBD
Hungary - July 19
India - July 21
Indonesia - July 9
Israel - July 21
Italy - July 19
Japan - July 24
Korea - July 18
LA - July 19
London - July 19
Melbourne - July 18
Minnesota - July 17
NYC - July 17
Nairobi - July 18
Paris - July 23
Philippines – July 24
Singapore - July 19
Slovenia (Invitation through email) – July 18
Sydney - July 18
Taiwan - July 1
Thailand - July 18
Toronto – July 22
Zurich - July 19

Report: June month OpenStack meetup, Bangalore , India

On 22nd June we organized a meetup in Bangalore, India

The meetup was attended by over 60 people from varied backgrounds: startups students, researchers, developers, etc

Event started with a keynote from Vijay Bellur (@vbellur) from redhat . He kicked off session with giving introduction about RDO,  then moved on to Gluster file system. It was a nice presentation & gave complete picture how and where Gluster fits in overall OpenStack project.


Rags Srinivas (@ragss ) from Rackspace gave a nice presentation followed by demo on jclouds. The demo was interesting & a lot many questions were asked & answered.

Rohit Agarwalla(@rohitagarwalla) from Cisco was next with presentation on OpenStack Neutron, he gave demo on openvSwitch & Cisco Nexus plugin. He mentioned about the roadmap & contribution from his company on the overall project.

Last session on LBaaS by Pranav Salunke(@Dguitarbite) from Aptira. He gave us overall picture of the project along with roadmap. He was youngest presenter of the day & was his first presentation on Openstack. :)

Photos & presentation of the meetup will be made available soon, our past meetup presentation slides are available

Thanks to redhat for hosting the meetup & providing us with coffee/snacks :)


4th Openstack User Group Meetup Italy: streaming session from Milano

Openstack is booming, in Italy too!

The Italian Openstack User Group, recently founded, is going to arrange, on June 20th, the 4th Meetup of the year.

Sessions will be in English, in order to allow anyone from the Openstack Community to pop in and attend it, in live streaming, at 18:30 +1GMT.

Here’s the agenda:

  • 18.30: Industrialize IT: Automation in the DevOps Era – Reid Vandewiele – Puppet Labs engineer
  •  19.00: Ceph: The Storage Stack for OpenStack – Florian Haas - Cofounder and CEO Hastexo
  •  19.30: Openstack and HyperV – Alessandro Pilotti – CEO Cloudbase Solutions
  •  20.00: Giuseppe Paternò – EMEA Sales Engineer Canonical – Openstack in production

The streaming url is

For those of you who might be in Milano, you’re encouraged to just pop in @ Enter/Coworking Login, via Stefanardo da Vimercate 28.

See you! meetup with IBM in Beijing

On the 7th June we organized a meetup in IBM CDL, Beijing, China.There were about 50 people attended this event. We shared the stories of OpenStack community, and also got a brief understanding of what IBM teams are doing of OpenStack, including production ready cloud platform and related offerings (private and public cloud). This is not the end, but makes more opportunities to push the OpenStack community (specially cooperate with companies in the future.

At the first we talked about the growth of OpenStack community in China with some interesting concepts and stories, Lazy consensus model for example. Then we introduced the OpenStack roadmaps, highlight features from version A to version G, as well as how community running. There were a lot questions and discussions with contributing code to community, how to get better to involving, contributing and forwarding ideas to community, how to become a good core developer or contributor to lead community and so on. But still, there have many challenges waiting for us, so we started a non-profit project named, it was built by stackers and for stackers. The uses almost latest code from launchpad to provide the newest experiences of OpenStack which also introduced on OpenStack Folsom Design Summit. Well, it runs Grizzly now, you could follow this link and to know more about

Followed by the IBM CDL team had briefed basically 3 areas: SCO (private), SCE/SCE+ (public) and IT Open Stack adoption. IBM view OpenStack as enhancing the SmartCloud Foundation offerings by expanding support for different hypervisors at the IaaS Cloud layer. IBM envision adding value higher in the cloud management stack with workload optimization and deployment simplification integrated with OpenStack through cloud standards.IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator, which is based on OpenStack, is an integrated cloud automation platform that is designed to help orchestrate the development, deployment, and management of robust enterprise cloud services for increased business agility as well as to accelerate overall time-to-market. The IT team of IBM China Development Lab is adopting OpenStack and SCO in their IT infrastructure.

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator provides comprehensive automation of cloud services, supporting infrastructure as well as application and platform services. They are delivered through a self-service portal and completely automated by an easy-to-use workload editor tightly integrated with an orchestration engine. Application topologies are graphically composed in the workload editor and then linked to a wide set of automation workflows built with a sophisticated yet very intuitive orchestrator. This combination is intended to maximize speed and flexibility to build and deliver cloud services.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is an enterprise-class self-service public cloud IaaS with low costs and no licensing fees. It is particularly suited to economically scale enterprise IT infrastructure and to accelerate the development of new born-on-the-cloud applications. SmartCloud Enterprise scales economically and meets the demands for agile. Suited for professional developers and enterprise IT, this public IaaS enables you to take advantage of IBM’s large ecosystem of cloud partners for the latest cloud innovations. Now it is going through transformation to leverage open technologies such as Openstack to extend its capabilities.

We are glad to know that IBM keeps involve in the OpenStack community, and make more contribution together. You can find more from, any feedback is welcome. Have fun with OpenStack now.

Report: June month OpenStack meetup,Chennai, India

On 8th June we organized a meetup in Chennai, India

The meetup was attended by over 33 people from varied backgrounds: startups  students, researchers, developers, etc


Event started with a keynote from T Srinivasan of Collabnet, he gave us brief description about their work on Openstack along with companies contribution to other Open Source projects.

Kavit Munshi from Aptira spoke about managing OpenStack infrastructure using Puppet, he also gave a brief description about over all OpenStack Project. It was an eye opener for first timers in the room. 

Syed Armani from Hastexo spoke about the High Availability part of OpenStack. He gave us an overall picture about what new changes were made in Grizzly release and what all are the available option for making OpenStack Highly Available.

Last session was from Yogesh Girikumar he presented about the storage options in OpenStack. He gave nice demo of OpenStack swift & answered a lot many questions.

Photos of the meetup are available

Thanks to Collabnet for hosting the meetup & providing us with coffee/snacks :)


Busy, Busy OpenStack in SF Bay

Two weeks ago Piston Cloud hosted the first SFBay OpenStack Meetup in San Francisco since August of last year. That was a long, sad drought, and the San Francisco participants of SFBay OpenStack are working on correcting it.

This meet up, “Blue Night“, was focused on mutnauQ. We had collaborators from Piston Cloud, VMware & NirciraNebula, Midokura, and other leaders in this area. It was very casual.

Now in June, you can get more of your fill of OpenStack in the SF Bay:

If you live in the San Francisco, Oakland, or San Jose areas and are interested in cloud computing, please join us.

Report: May month OpenStack meetup,Bangalore, India

In May we organized a meetup in Bangalore, India

The meetup was attended by over 75 people from varied backgrounds: startups  students, researchers, developers, etc.


Event started with a keynote from Vamsi Kottisa of Anuta Networks, it was nice technical presentation giving overall view of what they are doing on OpenStack space.

Next was Amol Wate from Anuta Networks giving a deep dive & demo of their SDN solution which will work with OpenStack Networking.

We were for the first time got a presentation on Ceph & how it plays with OpenStack by Syed Armani from Hastexo. A lot many questions were asked & got clarified about Ceph.

Last session was from Romil Gupta from HP who spoke about the driver they have developed for RHEV along with nice demo. A lot of questions were asked and roadmap/vision for the work was also discussed.

Photos of the meetup are available

Thanks to Anuta Networks for hosting the meetup & providing us with coffee/snacks :)

3rd Swiss OpenStack User Group Meetup

Following on from our 2nd meeting, the Swiss OpenStack user group met on 24th of April at the University of Bern.It was an excellent event with many attention grabbing presentations! A big thanks goes out to the sponsors:


Once we kicked off, there were five presentations, 3 which were more detailed and 2 that were more lightning talks in nature. The presentations in there running order were:


There are other upcoming Swiss events that will include much talk of OpenStack. Of note are:

Also the Swiss Informatics Society have started a cloud computing special interest group, where all folk active in cloud are welcomed to join. More details can be found at their site.

Swiss OpenStack User Group Channels

 Original post: ICCLab

3rd Swiss OpenStack User Group Meetup

chosugWere back again and this time we’ll be holding the next meetup in Bern. Things will start on Wed 24th of April at 1800 and run until 2000.

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in giving a talk related to OpenStack then shout out at the meetup site or simply message @OpenStackCH on twitter.  Otherwise, stay tuned for the line up of speakers.

The kind folks at SwiNG will be sponsoring beverages and the equally as kind Red Hat people will have your stomach full with pizza!

The venue details are as follows: Room 206, 2nd floor East, Universität Bern, Hochschulstrasse 4.

The registration page for the event can be found on our new page.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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