Report: June month OpenStack meetup, Bangalore , India

On 22nd June we organized a meetup in Bangalore, India

The meetup was attended by over 60 people from varied backgrounds: startups students, researchers, developers, etc

Event started with a keynote from Vijay Bellur (@vbellur) from redhat . He kicked off session with giving introduction about RDO,  then moved on to Gluster file system. It was a nice presentation & gave complete picture how and where Gluster fits in overall OpenStack project.


Rags Srinivas (@ragss ) from Rackspace gave a nice presentation followed by demo on jclouds. The demo was interesting & a lot many questions were asked & answered.

Rohit Agarwalla(@rohitagarwalla) from Cisco was next with presentation on OpenStack Neutron, he gave demo on openvSwitch & Cisco Nexus plugin. He mentioned about the roadmap & contribution from his company on the overall project.

Last session on LBaaS by Pranav Salunke(@Dguitarbite) from Aptira. He gave us overall picture of the project along with roadmap. He was youngest presenter of the day & was his first presentation on Openstack. 🙂

Photos & presentation of the meetup will be made available soon, our past meetup presentation slides are available

Thanks to redhat for hosting the meetup & providing us with coffee/snacks :)



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