Report: June month OpenStack meetup,Chennai, India

On 8th June we organized a meetup in Chennai, India

The meetup was attended by over 33 people from varied backgrounds: startups  students, researchers, developers, etc


Event started with a keynote from T Srinivasan of Collabnet, he gave us brief description about their work on Openstack along with companies contribution to other Open Source projects.

Kavit Munshi from Aptira spoke about managing OpenStack infrastructure using Puppet, he also gave a brief description about over all OpenStack Project. It was an eye opener for first timers in the room. 

Syed Armani from Hastexo spoke about the High Availability part of OpenStack. He gave us an overall picture about what new changes were made in Grizzly release and what all are the available option for making OpenStack Highly Available.

Last session was from Yogesh Girikumar he presented about the storage options in OpenStack. He gave nice demo of OpenStack swift & answered a lot many questions.

Photos of the meetup are available

Thanks to Collabnet for hosting the meetup & providing us with coffee/snacks :)



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