OpenStack at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group: Chicago-land Meetup

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group hosted the Chicagoland OpenStack Meetup last night, February 20, 2014.  The night kicked off with some quick introductions from OpenStack Meetup Organizer Erik Martensen and CME Host and Senior Director Vinod Kutty. Then the crowd settled in to listen to OpenStack Cinder Core Developer Mike Perez discuss what’s new with the block storage project. It was a lively discussion with thirty plus minutes of enthusiastic Q&A. Most of the audience had a general to advanced concept of Cinder and some even gave Mike an idea or two about what users want in future releases. A very special thank you to Mike for coming out from Los Angeles to address the growing OpenStack interest in the Chicago community. And, thank you as well to the CME and Vinod for the wonderful meeting space.

Outside of the CME GroupCrowd ShotMike & Vinod quiz the audienceMike that might be in the next releaseMike Talking - Interesting

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