Learn More About VMware’s Involvement with OpenStack at the Summit

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OpenStack Summit Event 2012 October 15-18 Learn More About VMware’s Involvement with OpenStack at the Following Sessions Monday (11:00am – 11:40am Oxford) True Hybrid Clouds: Extending OpenStack with Cloud Foundry John Purrier (AppFog) Tuesday (2:40pm – 3:20pm Manchester E) OpenStack Networking (Quantum) Project Update Dan Wendlandt (VMware) Wednesday (9:30am – 10:00am Grand Ballroom) Running the… Read more »

Providing a Unified View of OpenStack Projects

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The OpenStack project is in fact many projects, developed by hundreds of people, tens of companies, used by thousands. These projects are managed via a number of email lists as well as software engineering tools such like wiki, issue trackers, version control, continuous integration, etc. From my perspective as the Community Manager, achieving a coherent… Read more »

OpenStack Folsom Is Here With The Schedule Of The Summit

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Another release for OpenStack today, the sixth in a little over two years.  Folsom, or 2012.2 has two new services Networking (Quantum) and Block Storage (Cinder) services, architected in line with the OpenStack philosophy of pluggability and extensibility. While work was underway to establish the new OpenStack Foundation, our thriving community once again delivered the… Read more »

Openstack at barcamp XII, Bangalore, India.

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Barcamp, Bangalore was organized on 25th  august and we had registered for a talk on Openstack. Our talk got scheduled for later in the day. Barcamp is a unconf style event so after meeting few other Openstack contributors from HP and others, we decided lets keep the session more of a QA and whiteboard centric than slide centric. So me  Sajid and Yogesh joined for the session.  🙂 The session… Read more »

Announcing OpenStack Asia/Pacific Conference 2012

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We talked about during the community sessions at past OpenStack Design Summit, we’re now ready to announce it officially: the Asia/Pacific community is hosting a large OpenStack conference. Mark your calendar: August 10th and 11th, with a main venue in Bejing and a remote participation in Shanghai, hosted by the Chinese OpenStack User Group (COSUG)… Read more »

Starter docs and articles

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I wanted to send a note out to discuss the growth of all the starter docs and “articles” on a particular topic. Thanks all who are sending these as links to the mailing list or tweeting ’em. We are listening. The doc team has been discussing ways to ensure we help people find what they… Read more »

Community Weekly Review (Apr 20-27)

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OpenStack Community Newsletter – April 27, 2012 Welcome back to our regular publishing schedule. This week we still hear the echo of the Design Summit and Conference. HIGHLIGHTS If you participated to the summit or conference, remember to take the survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/openstack-folsom-events Notes, reports, post-mortem, comments from participants to last week’s events: http://maffulli.net/2012/04/26/back-from-openstack-design-summit-and-conference/ http://technicae.cogitat.io/2012/04/new-life-openstack-devops-community.html http://blog.doughellmann.com/2012/04/notes-from-openstack-folsom-design.html… Read more »