OpenStack Folsom Is Here With The Schedule Of The Summit

Another release for OpenStack today, the sixth in a little over two years.  Folsom, or 2012.2 has two new services Networking (Quantum) and Block Storage (Cinder) services, architected in line with the OpenStack philosophy of pluggability and extensibility. While work was underway to establish the new OpenStack Foundation, our thriving community once again delivered the release on-time and with all planned essential features.

The most impressive feature for me is the amount of people and companies that contributed to it: over 330 people from almost 50 companies. Not only the quantity of people involved in OpenStack Folsom has increased compared to the previous release Essex, but also the diversity of the echosystem increased. The study contributed by Bitergia shows how the ecosystem evolved between the two releases, increasing in size and diversity.

It’s time for yet another celebration before we head up to San Diego for the OpenStack Summit where we’ll start planning the next six months and Grizzly. The schedule for the Summit has been published: take advantage of the discount until the end of September (save $200) on the registration fee and come meet this amazing OpenStack community live in San Diego.


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