Openstack at barcamp XII, Bangalore, India.

Barcamp, Bangalore was organized on 25th  august and we had registered for a talk on Openstack. Our talk got scheduled for later in the day. Barcamp is a unconf style event so after meeting few other Openstack contributors from HP and others, we decided lets keep the session more of a QA and whiteboard centric than slide centric. So me  Sajid and Yogesh joined for the session.  🙂

The session was attended by over 30 people and after 25 minutes basic intro about whole Openstack project, we ended up spending rest of our time in QA session. There were wide range of questions related to data center deployment with Openstack to start-up venturing to project. There were also some questions like how freshers can build there career while contributing to Openstack.

Overall i would say it was great to have a session at barcamp, thanks to the organizers put putting up such awesome event. Some of the folks we met were looking forward to attend our Openstack monthly meetup in Banglore. We will be announcing the date and venue soon. 🙂



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