Learn More About VMware’s Involvement with OpenStack at the Summit

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OpenStack Summit Event 2012 October 15-18 Learn More About VMware’s Involvement with OpenStack at the Following Sessions Monday (11:00am – 11:40am Oxford) True Hybrid Clouds: Extending OpenStack with Cloud Foundry John Purrier (AppFog) Tuesday (2:40pm – 3:20pm Manchester E) OpenStack Networking (Quantum) Project Update Dan Wendlandt (VMware) Wednesday (9:30am – 10:00am Grand Ballroom) Running the… Read more »

Here is what happens inside Nova when you provision a VM

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At the Essex conference summit this past month, we presented a session on  OpenStack Essex architecture. As a part of that workshop we visually demonstrated the request flow for provisioning a VM and went over Essex arthicture. There was a lot of interest in this material; it’s now posted in Slideshare: Recap of the request flow… Read more »

I hear the Essex Train a-coming

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With Essex train in the wilds of testing, and the Essex release intended date less than 10 days away, we are pretty excited about everyone descending on San Francisco — practically our home town — for the Design Summit and Conference. Here at Mirantis, the company famous across OpenStack community for distributing vodka bottles at… Read more »

Under the hood of Swift: the Ring

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This is the first post in series that summarizes our analysis of Swift architecture. We’ve tried to highlight some points that are not clear enough in the official documentation. Our primary base was an in-depth look into the source code. The following material applies to version 1.4.6 of Swift. The Ring is the vital part… Read more »

OpenStack Jenkins dashboard available for testing Ubuntu snapshots

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The keener eyed of you may have noticed: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise%20OpenStack%20Testing/ James Page has setup the jobs in the Ubuntu OpenStack QA Lab to start publishing to the public Jenkins QA instance this morning. We now have automated build testing of all core OpenStack components triggered from upstream trunk commits. This is followed by automated deployment (-deploy)… Read more »

OpenStack Birthday Videos (continued)

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More participating companies celebrating OpenStack’s first birthday. MemSet 1 Year Birthday OSCON from OpenStack on Vimeo. Cybera OpenStack 1 Year Birthday from OpenStack on Vimeo. Zadara Storage Happy Birthday to OpenStack at OSCON from OpenStack on Vimeo.