Keynote Recap, Day 2: Why We Do What We Do

Jonathan Bryce giving his opening keynote.

This morning’s keynotes at the OpenStack Summit were full of excitement and anticipation as the event kicks into high gear for a full day of sessions.

OpenStack Foundation executive director, Jonathan Bryce, started the day by welcoming everyone to the 6th Bi-annual OpenStack Summit in San Diego, the largest one yet with over 1,400 people in attendance.

The common theme of the opening keynotes was reflection on how far OpenStack has come since it began nearly two years ago.

Bryce polled the crowd at the beginning of his talk, asking how many were attending the summit for the first time. About half the audience raised their hands. In addition, he called out users from all over the world, including Australia, China, France, Brazil, Canada and Japan just to name a few.

In just the last two years, OpenStack has grown from 30,000 lines to 600,000 lines of code, and now supports 600 developers, 415 of which have contributed in the past twelve month.

What Bryce centered around in his opening keynote address was the undeniable passion for OpenStack and how that level of engagement and excitement comes across when you look at the raw numbers.

“We’re building a foundation for the next 25 years of cloud computing”, said Bryce.

Those sentiments were echoed in the keynotes to follow from Canonicals’ Mark Shuttleworth saying, “this is the most awesome community in action in open source today”, and later with Chris Kemp from Nebula talking about the reason we’re all here is to push innovation in the cloud forward and how we should all think about approaching the next set of cloudscale problems.

If you weren’t able to tune into this morning’s live stream, there is a moment-by-moment recap provided by Rackspace available here.

The importance of users, some of which will be presenting over the next two days of the Summit, was also called out. As Bryce put it, “OpenStack users engage in a way that most users don’t.” With so many users in the room — everyone from LivingSocial, CERN, Sina, MercadoLibre, Wikimedia, Deutsche Telekom and more — this is the moment where developers and users can come together and work on solving real problems happening in the real world.

During the rest of the Summit, more of these users will be featured individually here on the OpenStack blog, talking about the challenges they’re most interested in solving and the unique ways they’re using OpenStack within their organizations.

And don’t forget to check back in tomorrow on the live stream from 9-10:30am PT for keynote presentations from HP, Rackspace and Cisco WebEx.


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