Event Report: OpenStack Day, Bangalore, India

On past Saturday, 15th December OpenStack India organized a one day event in Bangalore.

The event was attended by over 120 people from varied domains.

We started our session with Mark Collier video presentation in which he spoke about OpenStack project and about the foundation. The video is available on youtube as well OpenStack Introductory video

Next we had Tristan Goode from Aptira spoke about the Global Impact of OpenStack. The talk was interesting with some thoughts added as how whole OpenStack project has changed the cloud computing market.

Anand Palanisamy from PayPal gave an overview how they are using OpenStack in production with tool set and stack. There were many interesting questions asked regarding there production environment.

Ritesh Nanda from Ericsson was next and he presented how they are using OpenStack in telecommunication domain.


Barath Ram G from HP spoke about “Nova for Physicalization and Virtualization compute models”  He gave various insight on the upcoming features in nova with Grizzly release.

During lunch we also played dope&stack which was cheered by the crowd and we ended up playing it in loop for almost 20 mins during lunch. 🙂

Divyanshu Verma from DELL spoke about OpenStack and business of cloud. He provided some used case and insight with how educational institution can use cloud.


Krishnan Subramanian from Rishidot research presented “The importance of OpenStack – An Outsider Perspective”

Prakash Advani from Canonical spoke about OpenStack and Ubuntu.

Lastly we had panel discussion and as per Krishnan suggestion we had some spicy question for all our panelists.

We donated the collected registration money to Akshayapatra foundation and we been told the money we collected will feed 30 children via there NGO initiative for a year.

Also thanks to Aptira, OpenStack Foundation and Rackspace helping us with sponsorship.

All the slides for the event is available on Slideshare  , Our upcoming events are already listed on meetup page  and twitter will carry other interesting announcements we have lined up. 🙂


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