OpenStack Austin Release Award Winners

Rewards, high fives, kudos, and good old fashioned handshakes. We gave those out and more at our first public OpenStack Design Summit during a break from jamming on Rock Band Thursday night. Chief Architect Rick Clark and I (Content Stacker Anne Gentle) wanted to recognize members of the community who made a significant impact on the Austin release through a variety of contributions. Our community is in its early stages and going through growth spurts, and these members found ways to build OpenStack up during a busy release cycle.

So, please join us in congratulating these community members:

Developer Community Awards

  • Vish Ishaya – Vish was rewarded for submitting the biggest patch (9,000 lines or so) that also broke the most stuff. We like breakers as long as they can fix what they break.
  • Alex Polvi – We wanted to recognize all of Alex’s work building community ties and helping us realize the vision of open source for clouds by being a strong community builder.
  • Jay Pipes – Jay gets recognized for so much Karma in the Launchpad system that Rick is practically suspicious. Just kidding, he has answered questions, submitted patches, fixed bugs, and in general been a huge push behind support for OpenStack from a developer’s perspective.

Content Stacker Community Awards

  • Stephen Milton – He took the Swift all-in-one instructions and tested and created a multiple-server instruction set that Chuck Thier then edited based on the Rackspace Cloud Files experience. It was a great mini-sprint effort.
  • David Pravec – He is always helpful answering questions in IRC, plus he created outlines for three manuals for Nova – Administration, Deployment, and Cloud-Users. He also created polished diagrams that are worth 1,000 words. Each.
  • Anthony Young – We recognize Anthony and the Anso labs team effort to completely refresh the Nova developer documentation and docstrings. Look for the fruits of their labor at

We couldn’t build what we’ve built so far without all the combined efforts of all our developers, supporters, and documentation contributors. Take a minute to give these guys a high five with us.

And then get back to Rock Band.

Photo used with permission from Mark Interrante



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