Indian User Group first meet up

Indian OpenStack User GroupThe first formal meetup of the Indian OpenStack User Group was held in Bangalore last weekend on the 5th of May. The event was attended by 25 enthusiastic InStackers.

We were hoping to see a few more people but there were a couple of other tech events on the same day. The venue for the meetup was the terrace of the Jacaranda Block on Brigade Millennium Rd. The venue was provided by Ahimanikya Satapathy from Fresco Informatics. On the agenda were talks by Govind Tatachari, Deepak Garg from Citrix and Kavit Munshi from Aptira.

Govind did a presentation on Cloud and IaaS and emerging technologies. The presentation was informative and the users started a discussion about what the cloud was and where to employ it. This set up the ground for the next presentation by Deepak.

Deepak discussed the architecture of OpenStack with particular attention to Nova. The users showed a lot of interest and asked a lot of questions with regards to understanding  the underlying architecture of OpenStack.

Kavit discussed OpenStack Swift’s architecture and the various options available to monitor a Swift installation. The talk was very open with most of the time spent with user questions and scenarios they raised. The users also discussed the possibility of doing a live demo or setup of OpenStack at the next meet up. The meetup lasted around 3 hours.

It was great to see the enthusiasm of all the participants and we look forward to our next meeting.
Photos of the event are here. There is also a Linked In group here.

(thanks to Kavit for this blog post)






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