Community Weekly Review (May 11-18)

OpenStack Community Newsletter — May 18

Highlights of the week

 Decision On Third Party APIs

The PPB in its May 15 meeting decided that:
An OpenStack project will support an official API in it’s core implementation(the OpenStack API). Other APIs will be implemented external to core. The core project will expose stable, complete, performant interfaces so that 3rd party APIs can be implemented in a complete and performant manner.


Performance Comparison: Ubuntu 12.04 + OpenStack Swift Essex Release ” by Zmanda Team Blog

The Zmandateam published a cloud backup performance comparison between OpenStack Swift Essex on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and OpenStack Swift 1.46 + Ubuntu 11.10, as well as demonstrated the functionality of Object Store in the OpenStack Dashboard.


Swift Part-Power and Performance – SwiftStack Blog

We work a lot with smaller-scale Swift clusters. Today we were asked a question about a Swift configuration setting which relates to the number of partitions in the ring data structure that are created. Data lives in partitions and it’s up to an operator to decide how many partitions should be created.


At the Essex conference summit this past month, Mirantis presented a session on OpenStack Essex architecture. Find the slides for that session.


Electric Duncan: CERN, OpenStack Keep Resonance Cascades at Bay

As previously mentioned, there’s a growing momentum around ops-oriented participation in the OpenStack community. DreamHost is deeply invested in DevOps, seeing how that’s where we’re going to be living in a few months!


OpenStack nova-scheduler and its algorithm (IBM OpenStack)

Among the current core projects of OpenStack, Nova project is the core of the cores. Just as described in OpenStack website, Nova is a cloud computing fabric controller, the main part of an IaaS system. There are more than 20 binaries in OpenStack nova project.


Indian User Group first meet up

The first formal meetup of the Indian OpenStack User Group was held in Bangalore last weekend on the 5th of May. The event was attended by 25 enthusiastic InStackers.


Upcoming Events

 Other news

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