Technical Committee Highlights May 13, 2015

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Based on multiple inputs from the openstack-dev mailing list, we’ve discovered we, the TC, need to level up our communications. We have identified two TC members to take on the communications plan, Anne Gentle (that’s me!) and Flavio Percoco. See below for details of the plan, and thanks for reading the first post in the… Read more »

OpenStack Technical Committee Update

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Since TC elections are around the corner, the OpenStack Technical Committee had what is likely the last meeting of this cycle. The last update was about one month ago, and a lot has happened since then. Graduation Discussions The technical committee completed an integration review for both Ironic (Bare-Metal Provisioning) and Zaqar (Messaging). Ironic has… Read more »

OpenStack Governance Elections: Technical Committee

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Now that we have elected the Project Technical Leads for the next release, the OpenStack community is called to elect the last 3 members of the OpenStack Technical Committee. Per section 4.1(b) of the OpenStack Foundation bylaws, the Technical Committee (“TC”) is a technical meritocracy managing all the technical matters relating to OpenStack. It replaces… Read more »