Wrapping up the Travel Support Program – Juno

The OpenStack Foundation brought 21 people to Atlanta for the Summit in May, thanks to the grants offered by the Travel Support Program, sponsored by VMware. The Travel Support Program is based on the promise of Open Design and its aim is to facilitate participation of key contributors to the OpenStack Design Summit. The program aims at covering costs for travel and accommodation for key contributors to the OpenStack project to join the community at the Summits.

We had 21 people accepted in the program from 8 countries and all around the world. Five people traveled from India, seven from Europe, three from Africa and the rest were from North America and South-East Asia. Of the selected recipients, two were unable to attend due to VISA timing issues, but we were excited to welcome the 21 attendees who were able to make the trip.


The Foundation spent a total of $33,376 for flights and $7,751 for flights for a total cost for the Foundation of more than $40,000 USD including the costs of 10 access passes granted to non-ATCs (Active Technical Contributors).

The Travel Support Application for the November Summit in Paris is NOW OPEN! You can apply for the Travel Support Program, including costs for travel and accommodation.

The final deadline to submit applications is August 18th, so apply now!


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