Victoria vPTG Summaries

The OpenStack community had a great virtual Project Teams Gathering (PTG). The first virtual event hosted 44 projects and spanned all timezones. Since the event concluded, many of those teams have posted summaries of the discussions they have had and the decisions that were made during the PTG.  

As vice chair of the Technical Committee, I wrote up my own summary of TC discussions from our 8 hours of meetings: Victoria vPTG Summary of Conversations and Action Items on the OpenStack blog. If there is a particular action item you are interested in taking, please reply on the mailing list thread where I first posted the summary.

Project Specific PTG Summaries

TripleO, Wesley Hayutin, Project Team Lead (PTL)

Neutron, Nate Johnston (TC)

Neutron from Slawek Kaplonski (PTL) 

OpenStack Technical Committee, yours truly

Cyborg, Meeting 1 Summary, Yumeng Bao (PTL) 

Cyborg, Meeting 2 Summary, Yumeng Bao (PTL) 

Oslo, Ben Nemec (PTL)

Cinder, Brian Rosmaita (PTL) 

Manila, Goutham Pacha Ravi (PTL)

Feedback from the PTG

Instead of a live feedback session, like we have done at in-person events in the past, we provided an etherpad all throughout the event to collect feedback on how things went from registration to the last meeting. It was also shared to the openstack-discuss mailing list after the event concluded to collect final thoughts.

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