2013 first meetup

Last week we organized the first meetup (Intermediate) in 2013 for in China. The meetup was attended by about 100 people with developers and operators that want to understand how to make OpenStack production ready for their organization.

The topic was about OpenStack What’s going on in China. During the event, the attendants had a chance to listen to some introduction about international community, according to the speacker’s experiences at OSCON2012 and OpenStack Summit in San Diegon last year. And then it introduces the current work in, such as work together with VMWare China team on CloudFoundry region with Folsom, the latest to experience Quantum. was announced in San Diego during the OpenStack Summit. Not only provide virtual machine for the users, but a non-profit community projects for the stackers to experience the lastest OpenStack features.It is the community who should, in the main, determine how to use the resources, and how to feedback to the community. So basis on a lot of COSUG activities last year, it feels appropriate, as the year draws to a close, a time when we look both back and forward at the start of a new year. meetup

The slides for this meetup are on slideshare and you may be interested in reading more on this interview with Dell. The team is on Google Groups, Slideshare, Weibo:  @COSUG (China OpenStack User Group ) and @trystack. Contributions and feedback are welcom: Join the fun !


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