Community 2nd Meetup – 19th February 2013

In the first meetup we talked about what’s going on with China OpenStack User Group(COSUG), and shared the latest experience for Quantum with community members. This time we will tell you how to master OpenStack in 2 hours for the beginners. There were about 200 registers, and about 100 people attended this event through on-site and online live.

Trystack series

This is the first public lecture series of First, we gave a Brief introduction about OpenStack, and talked about why OpenStack is so popular in China.

trystack series

Then a introductory way was provided to the beginners, using devstack scripts. Later in this lecture, I explained how to use with some Tips & Tricks.

After a short introduction about, we enter into Hands-on Lab unit. There were some demo and show-off on trystack website to help the newbie to master OpenStack.

At last but not least, thanks to our contributors and partners/sponsors!  The next activity are looking forward to your participation. The slides for trystack meetup are all on slideshare, please pay close attention to @COSUG and @trystack for more information. If you have any questions and feedback, please contact us [email protected].


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