The Second OpenStack Design Conference

The next OpenStack Design Conference is coming up fast, and we are excited to get everyone back together who attended the conference in July, and welcome a lot of new faces who’ve joined the community since the launch at OSCON.  Since the conference is just a few short weeks away, we wanted to let everyone know the moment we’d locked on a date and secured a location:

Dates:  November 9th-12th

Location:  The Weston Centre in Downtown San Antonio, TX

Address:  112 E. Pecan St. San Antonio, TX 78205

Map with nearby hotels:

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While we’re still working on the Agenda, the format will be the same as the last conference. Namely, the first two days (November 9th-10th) will be filled with different tracks (business and technical) with a lot of active discussion on goals and design decisions for the project. The last two days (November 11th-12th) will be used for hacking on the code and finalizing any design decisions for the next release that require prototyping / live testing. At the last summit, the heaviest attendance was the first day (when we have a general session), a bit less the second day, then about half on the final two days as the focus turns to coding. We are working on some evening plans as well.

If you can only make it one day, come on the first day November 9th.

What’s next?

1)  Hotel Block:  We are looking into the possibility of getting a block of rooms with a discount.  Given the short timeframe and the fact that other conferences are going on that week, you may want to go ahead and just book one of the hotels above, all of which are walking distance to Weston Centre.

2)  Invites:  We’ll be sending the formal invites via email to the registration process as soon as possible.  To ensure you receive the registration link, please sign up below:

3)  Preparing for the conference!  We will need your help as we devise schedules and work on the logistics.  Volunteers needed!

What to do now:

1)  Forward this post to others in the community, tweet, re-tweet rinse and repeat

2)  Book Travel

3)  As always, follow @openstack on twitter for the latest news and updates

4)  Sign up below to get the registration link when it’s ready

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Mark Collier
Chief Community Stacker


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